Refrigerator Spares

Refrigerator spares are frequently used in kitchens, dining establishments, and other spaces where food is prepared. They include drain tray, NRV charging valve, bottle shelfs etc. In order to avoid spills, the said products are frequently made of plastic or stainless steel and have raised sides.

Core Board

Core boards are made to be combined with other parts, like communication or sensor modules, to form an entire electronic device. These are often referred to as a compact printed circuit board (PCB) that houses the electronic system's CPU or central processing unit (CPU).

Carrier Remotes

Carrier remotes are designed to handle, our offerings come in a variety of designs and configurations. These are used to manage HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems under the carrier brand. Carrier remotes enable users to change the temperature, fan speed, and other settings.

 Indoor And Outdoors Airconditioner Stands

Indoor and outdoor air-conditioned stands frequently include a basic base that is intended to blend in with the décor of the room. These are made to support them and keep them off the ground.

Brazing Rods
Brazing rods are used to combine many kinds of metals and alloys and are constructed of a variety of materials including copper, silver, nickel, and aluminium. These are also referred to as filler rods. Our products are a kind of welding consumable used in the brazing process. 

A.C. capacitors, are electronic parts that are used in AC circuits to store and release electrical energy. These are passive electronic components made up of two conductive plates separated by a dielectric substance. A.C. capacitors have a plastic and metal body.

Indoor A C Fan Motors

A.C. indoor fan motors are created especially for use in air conditioning systems to power the indoor fan that moves air throughout a room or building. These motors are in charge of generating airflow and dispersing conditioned air inside the building.

Outdoor A C Fan Motors

A.C. outdoor fan motor is an essential part of an air conditioning system. It is tasked with circulating air through the condenser coil in the AC system's outside unit to aid in heat dissipation and maintain the proper refrigerant temperature.

Capillary Tube

Pressure reduction is the 28 to 70 capillary tube's primary goal. These are employed in laboratories to gather various liquid sample types. Our offerings are used to test concentrations, molarity, molality, and other variables.

Copper Strainers

In air conditioning and refrigeration systems, copper strainers are used to filter out impurities. They offer unrestricted flow with a small pressure decrease. Copper strainers shield the metering equipment from solid impurities and are typically utilised in liquid lines.

AC Insulation Tubes

AC insulation tubes are widely used for insulating piping for heat and cold, including air conditioners in homes. In below-freezing climates, these products aim to retain as much heat inside the pipe as possible to avoid freezing.

Refrigeration Gauges

Refrigeration gauges help technicians identify issues and make modifications by giving important information about the system's operational circumstances. These are tools for measuring and keeping an eye on different aspects of a refrigeration system. Refrigeration gauges deliver information on the refrigerant's pressure.

Indoor Units For Split Ac

Indoor units for split AC are connected to both the external unit and the inside unit. The outdoor unit houses the condensing coil, fan, and compressor, while the indoor unit houses the evaporator coils and a filter.

Refrigeration & Equipment

Refrigeration and equipment are required for the long-term, secure storage of a variety of foods and other perishable goods. Perishable food can be preserved with the use of these devices, which also help keep product temperatures reasonable and help save money.

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